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Lori Antoinette's earliest memories are drawing with her Mom, who was a wonderful painter. Art classes were a major part of her upbringing. Antoinette earned a degree in fine Art from the University of Maryland and also has a certification in textile design from Otis Parsons in Los Angeles. Antoinette loved painting people and architecture, a contrast to her degree in abstraction. After college, she returned to figurative work. For a time, she had a wearable art business and was a co-owner of a downtown LA art gallery. She recently started a social group showcasing her chalk family called Chalk Mafia.

Antoinette has been creating street art (chalk) for almost 30 years now, beginning in Pasadena, CA. Since retiring from a 30-year airline career, she able to focus on her art career to include wall murals, public art, paint parties