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Nuri Amanatullah

Nuri Amanatullah is an Antelope Valley-based painter, illustrator, and designer whose stylized, graphic depictions of flora and fauna are represented in a variety of mediums including illustration and large-scale murals. Employing both traditional techniques and digital media, Amanatullah has designed for Disney, storyboarded for Uber, illustrated for Airbnb, and painted walls at numerous sites around the Antelope Valley including a mural with Antelope Valley Walls in 2018, as well as in Flint, Michigan as part of the Free City Mural Festival. He has also lent his talents to the non-profit Housing Corporation of America for the past three years helping to jump-start and brand a wide variety of art programs at affordable income housing properties.

Illustrating animals and plants in a colorfully bold and vibrant style, Amanatullah subverts the idea of the desert as a barren and desolate setting by exploring the intersection of our everyday lives and the natural world. These brief, chance encounters with wildlife take place in the “vacant” spaces between housing and commercial developments, highlighting our own place amongst nature--often at odds with it, and far separated from our surroundings.

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