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Golden Hour: Images from the Museum of Art & History's permanent collection

Various Artists

Golden Hour: Images from the Museum of Art & History's Permanent Collection features photographs from the Museum Project, a philanthropic group of artists known for their pioneering of experimental techniques and unique styles. Conceptualized by Robert von Sternberg, the group sought to give back to museums and other institutions that supported contemporary and developing photographers throughout the years. Along with like-minded artists such Darryl Curran, Sheila Pinkel and Nancy Webber, the artists of the Museum Project donated nearly 4,000 prints to the permanent collections of over 100 institutions and museums throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France and Australia. These photographs are excellent examples of the wide range of processes, concepts and themes that Californian photographers explore. Other non-Museum Project artists that will be on display from the permanent collection are Osceola Refetoff, Naida Osline, and Thomas McGovern.

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