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Cudra Clover

Silk painter and multimedia artist, Cudra Clover, is currently working on her Biomorphic Abstraction collection; the term "biomorphic" refers to symbolic structures or images that evoke naturally occurring forms such as plants, organisms, and body parts. Clover describes her work as creating new worlds on a microcosmic level. Mixing science and art, she researches pandemics, viruses, water, genetics, and plant cells. Clover creates her biologically inspired silk painting using camera technology, microscopes, projectors, biologists, and scientific photo research in her artistic method. Clover's silks paintings are a time-consuming and detailed process that she views as a meditative practice on living things, both real and imagined. Clover, in this process, uses the Japanese fabric dyeing technique, rozome, and elements of the Indonesian method of wax-resist dyeing, batik. She also incorporates aspects of French Serti, a silk painting method in which painters outline their designs with gutta or water-based resistance. In creating biomorphic abstract art, Clover attempts to provoke viewers to reflect on the natural world invisible to the naked eye and the overstimulation of technology in our everyday lives.

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