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Marsia Alexander-Clarke

Alexander-Clarke enjoys silence and solitude. She is a private person, never feeling like she fit into a culture. When she came to the United States at the end of her childhood, she began to see the world differently. She soon realized that everyone has perceptual limits, and that her own view seemed small, and somewhat limited. Alexander-Clarke's video work incorporates this perspective, presenting small fragments of nature and our surroundings. They are, however, just marks on a greater canvas, signifying the vastness of space as a metaphor for the unknowable and incomprehensible.

Alexander-Clarke orders these marks and fragments into sequences that play with the viewer’s expectation and perception of time. She provides slivers of recognizable imagery that multiply and repeat, transforming what originated as a brief and fragmentary moment into a tour of introspective sensations. After images remain long after the light from a color block fades,mixing in memory with the next mark to deepen the dialogue between what is seen and unseen. Through pulse and rhythm, Alexander-Clarke expands one's view of the material world, transforming it into a greater sense of being.

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