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Galia Linn

Vessels and Guardians

Surrounded by archeological sites and spaces in war-torn Israel, Galia Linn gained inspiration from ancient and contemporary relics from past and present civilizations. She reacts to these relics and stories through her sculptures, paintings, and site-responsive installations. Linn creates imperfect vessels used to relay the elemental tensions between the material she works with and the stories and relics that emerge.

Through the cracks, fissures, ruptures, and fractures within Linn’s ceramics, metalworks, paintings, and installations, she imbues an aged aesthetic that references layers of Middle Eastern history. For Linn, the imperfect nature of her works is meant to show the vulnerability of humankind and the grandeur and form allude to the interior strength and resilience. Brokenness should be embraced as the objects come to symbolize perseverance and healing, where there is no separation between the vessels she creates and her physical body.

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