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Susan Feldman

MOC (My Own City)

Susan Feldman’s artistic practice centers around architecture and the idea of home, primarily working with found wood and other mixed media. Her art practice is often inspired by her meditation practices and contextualizes this process through the physical act of “rising up.” Her works include wall art, sculpture, and installation, where she utilizes different textures, colors, materials, and layering. Through her meditative process, Feldman creates architectural reverie that defies conventional utilitarian structures.

Completed in 2019, MOC (My Own City) is a site-specific, mixed-media installation of 50 miniature structures showcasing Feldman’s whimsical architectural fantasy. Her utopia includes buildings and structures like a coffee house, a meditation center, a funhouse, and an art museum, among others. All the businesses and properties within MOC are all establishments that she envisions for her idealistic city. Like much of her earlier work, her city is comprised of items from her personal belongings, melding ideas of both the past and the present creating a unique embodiment of belonging, freedom of expression, and inclusion.

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