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Valerie Wilcox


Using a myriad of salvaged and repurposed materials, artist Valerie Wilcox creates compositions that explore the associations and contradictions between abstract shapes, mark-making, and painting. Wood, plaster, paint, textiles, cardboard, and other architectural media are sourced, then assembled into abstracted arrangements. Wilcox’s Constructs series demonstrates this process clearly. From afar, these works appear to be two-dimensional; their colors and shapes meld into a singular plane. Upon closer inspection, the dynamic interactions between materials are unmistakable. Each part becomes a unique and dimensional entity, creating a dialogue between structural elements.
To Wilcox, these materials are given a second chance. Highlighting the flaws and imperfections of her source media, her work provides an optimistic outlook on society’s ability to reinvent itself. Her compositions elevate the simple textures and colors of her raw resources. They transcend their base materiality and take on new meaning.

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