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"Over the past three decades, Jodi Bonassi has established herself as a keen observer of the world around her, having honed her skills at painting complex compositions packed with everyday people. Gathered together at barber shops and cafes, milling about at shopping malls, or riding the Los Angeles Metro, the individuals in Bonassi's paintings are full of vitality, with the energy of their interactions spilling over into lively fanciful patterns in wallpaper, floor tiles, and other aspects of their surroundings. Collectively, these paintings celebrate the humanity of people from all walks of life bonding together through shared experiences."

- An excerpt from an essay by David S. Ruben, Birds "R" Us: Recent Works by Jodi Bonassi


Dimensions: 11.25" (l) x 9.25" (w) x 0.5" (h)

Jodi Bonassi Birds

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