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For many years, my art practice has invovled building structural pieces, working within the subject matter of architecture, house, and home. In early 2019, I began to address what I felt was a growing need for a "sense of place". Naturally, MOC felt like the next project for me to create. Now in my early 60's, I finally felt that I had the RIGHT and ABILITY to do such a thing, to create an entire world that I, and others, could identify with. I imagined MOC as a whimsical, architectural, colorful, unique embodiment of belonging, freedom of expression, and inclusion—concepts that everyone could relate to." - Susan Feldman


Published by the Lancaster Museum and Public Art Foundation and Lancaster Museum of Art and History.


Dimensions: 9.25" (w) x 11.25" (l) x 0.5" (h)

Susan Feldman MOC (My Own City)

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