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Paleolithic Herd by Devin Thor


Permanent Art Project

Devin Thor presents three pieces from his raw, unique stone works that make extinct paleolithic creatures live again as a life-size sculptural herd. The use of material makes these flat works fascinating in texture as well as image. In the use of color (russet, gold, brown) and material (sandstone, rebar, and found/discarded materials), they appear as if they arose from the earth itself. The herd, which includes a buck, a doe, and a fawn, makes extinct creatures live again.


Seeming tribal in nature, their beautiful simplicity serves as an elegy to the losses of the past, and a pristine prayer for a better future. According to Thor, his paleolithic creatures are “a homage to our prehistoric ancestors, but also an exploration of the global influence of humans on our environment…” adding that “modern humans have modified the planet and now must take on a stewardship role, otherwise we might face extinction ourselves.”


Thor is a geologist as well as an artist, which is likely a reason for his choice of material. The rough brown surface creates an elegant but primal visual perspective, representing a tribute to the beings themselves and the land where they once roamed. His minimal approach is relatable with an easily recognizable shape and universal figures that open the world of the past with hope for tomorrow. A poignant reminder that despite the bulk and weighty purpose of these beings, they were too fragile to survive in the end representing a cautionary tale for the preservation of many species including our own.

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