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Lara Cruz

Roses are gorgeous and universal; they can mean love or friendship. Many people relate to them because everyone loves roses. Someday I wish I could be like a rose. Having everyone adore me from the way that I look to the way that I smell. Letting my aroma enchant whoever passes by me. As well as always carrying a suit of armor as protection.

Every rose is different though, their colors are symbolic for everyone. Red means love and passion and is given to someone special, someone you can not live without. While white tends to signify purity, and in the Catholic church, the Virgin Mary is continuously surrounded by white roses. If I could pick my color as a rose, I would want to be a yellow rose. My color would symbolize happiness, and people that would see me as a yellow rose can relate to a happy time in their life. They would have flashbacks of their childhood memories and remember how easy life was. A time in which they were energetic and optimistic about life and would want to go back to that same state of thought.

My thorns would help protect me from anyone who tries to hurt me. Sometimes, as humans, we forget how much words can impact others' lives, but as a rose, my thorns will symbolize all the hardships I have endured. As I continue to learn from past experiences, I will gain more thorns from them to ensure that those experiences will no longer hurt me again. My thorns are a shield, but they are swords as well. Anyone that wants to take advantage of my beauty will be pricked by my blades made of thorns.

As a rose, I would be happier because I would share beauty and confidence with the world. As well as understand the difficulty the world has to bring. I will adapt to my living conditions and use my thorns for protection. Most importantly, as a rose, I will learn to love and accept myself, which is one of the most complex challenges in life.

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