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Taking It All In


Om Baboolall

From the day I can first sprout, I knew it was gonna be an interesting one. I can still see the remains of my ancestors all around me. Well, the ones they forgot to pick up. These new guys were always the lazy type. When the little one used the pool as a beach, her little plastic shovel remains to be found in her secret spot behind the slide. She used to barely step over the rock to get to her secret place, but now it's just like any other rock, nothing special. The boy was always big enough to step over the rocks, but now he's climbing to the top like it was never an issue. Sometimes I see him in the backyard late at night huffing and puffing when the rest of the house is asleep. I was there when the little girl snuck in some boy, laid down, and watched the stars till the sun came up. I hope she realizes he's texting "zoe" and not just scrolling Instagram. He sprinted out of there when he realized someone was awake in the house. I was in anguish when the little girl almost got caught; she doesn't deserve it.

I hardly ever see the people who paid for the house. I overheard their conversations and that they're too busy to go in the pool or go in the backyard, or go on the swing and sit around the fire, or reminisce about the old apartment while sipping their drinks. I know these people won't be here for long. You always get that feeling about the owners when they first move in. Are they here for a long time or just because the brochure looked nice? These guys are just like the rest of them. I can't complain. I get watered every now and then. I mean, I'm next to the peppy rose bushes. I get whatever they don't drink. I wonder what the subsequent owners are going to be like. Are they gonna spend their nights hard at work or get drunk and throw up over by daffodils? Even better, maybe these new owners will fight back if the next-door neighbors try to bully them. The last time that happened, the cops were called.

I hope that we can have an owner who cares about the house more than the rest of these mediocre families one day. Word gets out quick around here. Someone heard the front yard talking about getting a new pond. That's one thing nice these guys have decided to do. Who knows, maybe they can fix up the one back here too. Perhaps by then, my time will come. Maybe by then, I can have an owner that waters me first instead of just getting runoff. Until that time comes, I'll just be waiting here with nothing to do but take it all in.

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