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The White Rose and I


Emily Schneider

Are we alike? I am not sure.
Am I innocent and pure?
Am I thoughtful and charming too?
Do I have thorns that can do harm to you?
I believe this varies from the others point of view,
For some see me like this, and others say it’s not true.

I like to smell like a rose, in a way,
I use my perfume that’s called Rose every day.
And just like a rose I grew pretty tall,
With 5’7 I am really not small.

And just like the rose I am not very loud,
I am rather shy, but I do like a crowd.
I enjoy being surrounded by family and friends,
And I like to stay at a party until it ends.

The sight of a rose evokes positive emotions in me,
It makes me feel happy and peaceful and free.
Optimism refueled, half full is my glass,
I could watch them for hours and sit in the grass.
It also awakens my romantic side, I might say,
It reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, the play.

Like a rose goes slowly from buds than to bloom,
I grew from infant to teenager, and will become an adult soon.
To grow the rose needs water, fertilizer and sun,
Just like I need water, food, love and fun.
If not well taken care of, it will not last very long,
Just like with more support I can get very strong.

The rose will more and more wither with time,
And so will I as I get old after my prime.
The beauty will fade and soon it will die,
I hope it takes long until my final goodbye.

So are we alike? I think in a few ways.
It’s up to you to decide if you believe what it says.
The white rose is as beautiful flower to be,
And I am honored to compare it to me.

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